Point of Sale Systems for Hotels

Point of Sale Systems for Hotels

POS systems are where your customers make transactions. Think about the supermarket checkout counter. That is an example of a POS system.  Some POS systems also have inventory, CRM, and financial capabilities.

For hotels, a POS system can connect a hotel PMS with other establishments like restaurants so all exchanges and information are in a single area.

There are many advantages as to why hotels should use POS systems. Your services will be more effective, revenue losses will be reduced, there will be an increased amount of customer loyalty to your hotels, bookkeeping will be more accurate, and decision making will be made easier.

In any case, as with most lodging programming, it can be hard to filter through several alternatives and choose a strong system to trust and use.

This article will help you choose which POS system your hotel should use. This will show you some of the most well-regarded POS systems used in the hotel business.

These are a few POS system options that you might consider for your hotel: Learn more about POS


Touchpoint has programming to help you manage with your hotel guests from when they check in until when they check out, in addition to visits to the restaurant and bar and also has a reservations diary. This system can be customized in accordance with your requirements.


Agilysys gives POS systems answers for restaurants, hotels, and accommodation. Their complete set of POS solutions have cloud-based, and mobile POS systems and programs. They provide a number of POS solutions like InfoGenesis® POS, InfoGenesis® Flex for a tablet system, InfoGenesis® Mobile 2.1 for mobiles, and rGuest® Buy


Bepoz has a solid POS system for hotels. Bepoz can also be used in other industries like cafes, restaurants, amusement parks and a lot more.


eZee is adaptable to many types of properties such as motels, hotels, resorts, apartments, condos, bed and breakfasts, and much more. It also has a wide variety of integrated modules that enable it to cover all aspects of property management.


Aside from being one of the most popular POS systems being used today, it also boasts of a great system that works in multiple businesses like hotels, restaurants, bars, spas and travel desks. No other cloud-based systems will give you as much control as this does. You can add multiple users, rates, and room types without limitations. This POS system can also sync with other Hotelogix components. Reasons We Didn’t Invest in Your Company

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