Point of Sale: Retail and Travel Weekly

Point of Sale: Retail and Travel Weekly

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world while running a business? Is there something holding you back that you can’t go easily on the road? We understand that there are daunting consequences of running a business in the retail industry while traveling. But that shouldn’t be the case. The advent of modern technology like POS systems and widespread internet access all over the world paved way to the possibilities of maintaining a successful business while you are away for travel.

The following are some of the most basic and helpful features of having a POS system:

Sales Reporting

POS system provides easy access totoo sales reporting by saving all business transactions and providing information on how your store is performing.

Customer Management

POS system is also dedicated to help you keep your customers at bay by tracking the retail trends of your customers and providing smooth payment transaction via smart phone apps like ApplePay, Google Wallet, etc which is beneficial to both of you and your customers.

Inventory Management      

Taking inventory is also not a problem with POS system because if offers an immediate, accurate assessment of your inventory activity which includes the day, week or even a month.

Employee Management

POS will also help you assist your employees even while you’re away from them by helping them ease their workload and keeping track the hours they are working. Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about having a theft employee because POS system takes care of those problems.

Deploying a POS system will help you ease your burden and all you have to think about are basic things like planning your travel itinerary and finding a working Internet connection in the destination. However having just a POS system isn’t enough. You have to stay connected with your employees across time zones. The following are some of the tools and services available to entrepreneurs just like you who wish to travel the world:

  • Slack allows you to communicate with your virtual assistants.
  • Trello is another communication tool that allows you to manage your projects and have conversation with your employees.
  • Skype makes it possible for you to attend international calls and meetings as well as record interviews for podcasts
  • Toggle to help you track your time and calculate your projects such as ROI
  • Leadpages provide efficient landing pages for projects. You can use Leadpages to create the funnels you put in place to launch various products and/or services through webinars such as GotoWebinar or Google Hangouts.
  • Contactually is a customer relationship management system which allows you to engage with customers, prospects, and manage various mastermind and training programs for your new employees
  • Zapier helps you to connect different software. With Zapier, you can add your Gumroad sales to Contactually or email list which is very flexible and efficient.
  • Gumroad allows you to sell products online in minutes. Gumroad features a super slick interface and outstanding customer service.
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