Open Source POS Systems

Open Source POS Systems

Maintaining a business is not an easy task. Managing your business and keeping your employees and customers happy requires commitment, good strategic planning in order for it to be a success.

It can be a bit hard to devote your time to assess your choices and solutions to your business needs. For retail businesses, your choice of point of sale (POS) system might be the most vital and confusing choice you will make.

There is an excessive amount of choices in the market, and one choice is not going to be the best for everything. There are a great deal of things to consider when settling on a choice like this.

Open source Point of sale (POS) systems are the best choice when you want to save expenses and if you want to oversee and modify your own system.

It is not entirely free however. You still need to purchase the equipment on which to run the product, like a cash register, printer, scanner combo or only a PC or tablet.

Here are a few of the open source options available which might fit the needs of your business.


Shopify is currently one of the most popular POS systems being used today. It is reasonably priced, easy to use, has a good customer support system, and has CRM features as well. It enables you to do more than just manage your inventories, you can also do multiple transactions and payments, export reports, manage your customer information, and more.

Keyhut’s Cash Register

This is a totally free POS system. It works with any computer/printer/cash register combo you may have, and will soon be incorporated to tablets. For smaller companies, this program can also run on your home PC. 

Loyverse POS

This is a cloud-based, portable POS system for restaurants, small retail businesses, little retail, eatery and salon foundations. With this product, clients can oversee stock, oversee client connections, and envision sales analytics.

Loyverse POS permits clients to sell items specifically from iOS and Android devices. Rebates, requests and discounts can be managed directly from the system. Clients can get printed receipts or electronic receipts, and clients can issue discounts at any time.

It also has a smartphone app that your clients can install, which would in turn increase customer loyalty to your business. It also has a dashboard application so that you can manage easily. Click here Point of Sale


uniCenta is at present the greatest name in open-source POS programming. It brags a framework that could equal any paid private venture POS. It has stock management, detailing, CRM, and more. It is a very versatile POS system.


Vend is also one of the biggest names in POS currently. Their free option is for only for one registration and one user. This option is best for those with smaller businesses. If you have a stand at your local farmer’s market, or stall in the mall this would be perfect for you. Vend is cloud-based, but continues to work (albeit with some limitations) offline. It has a ton of features and is very easy to use.


Another free cloud-based POS. It has all the basic functions that POS systems require. This is perfect for smaller and mid-sized businesses. 


eHopper is another perfect solution for small business owners. You will be able to stick the budget you have without sacrificing the software quality. It has many features which include, inventory and contact management, managing payments and transcations, managing tips, and employee and staff management.

There are vastly different choices to choose from and one’s choice of POS system might not be compatible with another, it is important that you must choose wisely.

Do you have any experiences with open source point of sale systems? Let us know your thoughts below.